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Meet Jimmy, His shop is booked 3 Weeks Out! (Just click play)

Bill’s most RECENT update –> Now at $79K MONTH (From $47K in Janurary)

Patrick, with JUST 5 new customers added $6K in revenue.

18 leads in Two Weeks – Real Leads that Convert at a PROFIT!

This is Damon and EZ, when we started working together they hovered around $17K per month. 

They are GREAT guys, work hard and always put their customers first BUT…

When we first talked, they were not covering their bills. That needed to change, they made an educated risk and jumped on board.

Just 30 days later they did a total of $55K for the month. 

Damon and EZ execute like no other. It’s because of their hard work they made that growth happen.

We just removed the roadblocks, they only needed the RIGHT customers showing up, and a few tweaks in their profit and mindset.

Once that was done, there was no stopping these guys.

Meet Jorge, he owns a 6 man operation auto repair shop in Oceanside, CA. When we met he was already doing a great job for his customers but he wanted more of them.


Just 6 months later, he was averaging 9 new customers. Now almost 2 years later it’s 2-3X that. He has passed the million per year mark and has an outstanding average RO.


(The screen shot below also shows over 1200 visitors to his site every month)

Meet Preston, (on the left) he is the MAN. He owns a Diesel & Auto Repair Shop in Mesa.

He knew there were more customers around him but couldn’t get them in HIS shop. Long-term growth is great, but he wanted an influx of quality leads FAST.

Two months after we started working together he had his biggest month ever topping $100K.

We can’t take all the credit, he is AWESOME on the phone and people just love him. 

(The screenshot below shows the frequency of leads popping his preston’s inbox who need help with their vehicle.) 

Doug was nice enough to knock out a video for us, he brought us on board after purchasing a BMW Shop in Chandler AZ.

He thought every BMW owner would want a “BMW Guy” to take care of his car. So we set off to FIND that ideal customer.

I knew we were doing well from the traffic and leads and Doug always gave me updates good and bad. 

But he shot me the text below at our 6 month mark which let me know, we found those ideal customers. 

(The screeen shot also shows over 1000 visitors per month to his site.)

“We’ve had a drastic increase in car count and average RO since we started working with Auto Shop Media. I’m extremely happy with the results and recommend them to any auto shop.”

Steve Larkin - Luxury Motorworks

“Matt truly has helped my auto business and is very thorough. He responds quickly to questions & his suggestions have increased both car counts & new client business. K.B.Motorsports Inc. is very happy with his efforts.”

Kip Busse - KB Motorsports

You made it look easy getting me a position in the Google map, when people searched for BMW repair Garland. I thought someone had to be around for a long time to gradually get that position!

Don’t tell my competitors in Dallas!”

Scott Foster - FT Auto

“Matt is THE MAN. It takes a couple months to start getting rankings but through thick and thin Matt has done a great job for my business! We are ranked #1…. definitely top 3 rankings which brings me a ton of business. See for yourself. The Car Doctor located in Pleasant Hill, California. You can be a great mechanic, but if you have nothing to work on…. your standing around wasting money. MATT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY… AND INEXPENSIVE! THANK YOU MATT FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR MY BUSINESS! I am 5 years in business and you have outdone major companies with your seo advertising marketing skills!!! Do not know what I would do without you!”

Alex Galvin - The Car Doctor

“Ever since we have been using Auto Shop Media we have noticed a major improvement on our ranking on the Internet showing us #2 in our city it’s also improved our business flow. Nothing but great things to be said about this company so happy we made the decision to give them a try. “

Londy Sanchez - DJZ Automotive

“This is awesome, this month’s numbers are 8 new customers, $7,020 in Revenue.”

Melissa Donovan - G2 Motorsports Seattle